Candis Lee  Cattley-Sanders and Related Families

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Lawson by MtDNA (female/Mothers)
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    The Green/Lee Families in 1847"...100 wagons left St. Joe, Missouri on "the Oskalossa Train"
           June 15, 1847, Lead by Captain Wiley Chapman.....Diary of Anna  Green-Lee 1847"...

The Entner family of Sulz & Rankwiel, Voralberg, Austria. Descendants that came to "America"
1880 Johann Alois Entner, Port of Le Havre, France to New York, ship
1884 Johann Jakob Entner/with family members destination of Ohio, USA
1889 Johann Sebastion Entner, destination Washington, Oregon, USA
1891 Johann Gebhard Entner, destination of New York & New Jersey
1891 Joseph Gebhard Entner on the ship
La Gascogne destinations of New York, Washington, Oregon

The Kloer family of Henry County, Missouri to Westphalia, Anderson County, Kansas and to Clackamas County, Oregon with new content added in 2011.